The software FEDIS (Finite Elements DISplacements) is a high efficient tool for the mapping process of displacements and temperature boundary conditions from main model to a submodel.

Many complex components, especially cast and forged parts, have a multitude of fillets that represent typical starting points for cracks. In order to produce a comprehensive evaluation of operating strength, exact stress amplitudes are required, as they play a major role in fatigue life. In order to reach these low error limits (e.g. 5%) a very fine FE mesh is required. As the highly loaded zones are mostly not known before the analysis, the fine, general meshing leads to very large FE models and therefore to very long modeling and analysis time generating high simulation costs. It is often impossible to analyze FE models with a mesh fine enough because the performance of today’s computers is still insufficient.

FEDIS was developed to standardize this method, improving simulation speed and precision while reducing CAE efforts and CPU time.

Main- and submodel of a conrod